SHOPNJAZZ European Formula Strawberry Face and Body Scrub 500 ml


 Strawberry has great cleansing properties. 2. Strawberry extracts are often used as an ingredient in skin cleansers, face washes, refreshing bubble baths and rejuvenating face masks as they contain vitamin C, salicylic acid, antioxidants and exfoliants. 3. Salicylic acid removes dead cells from the face while tightening the pores. 4. Ellagic acid being an antioxidant combats skin damage to maintain its youth and freshness. Thus, strawberries remove impurities and soften the skin as well as soothe allergies and other irritants and provide protection against pollution. 5. Vitamin C and other antioxidants present in strawberries prevent damage caused by free radicals to the skin and body. Free radicals occur during the process of transformation of food into energy. Free radicals accelerate the ageing process and vitamin C is effective in blocking the damage caused by free radicals. 6. Made from Natural and Healthy ingredients to suit all types of skin Helps in getting rid off dullness, stimulates epidermal renewal and rejuvenate stressed skin to reveal a new radiance. 7. It helps Moisturize Dull & Dry skin Coffee Beans are specialized in developing and regenerating healthy skin cells. 8. Exfoliates aggressively, and prevent and act upon dull layers of dead skin.



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